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“On the wings of death
By the hands of doom
By the darkest light
From the darkest moon.”
Valley of the Damned, by Dragonforce.

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here. I know that the newsletter is late. I couldn’t get required info on what we are doing this week on time. So to make this short and brief, I will go right into what’s happening this week.

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here.

First off, thank you everyone who attended our 3 events last week. We are happy that people enjoyed themselves and came to the events.

Second, the elections for Gaming Society are officially done and complete. Here are the results.

Reminder of LoL tournament

Posted: April 20, 2012 by connman234 in Announcements, Event, LAN, News, Uncategorized, VG

Hello Summoners. Spencer Connell here.

Just to remind you, tomorrow we have a League of Legends tournament.
Below are the details.

All the stuffs be happening this week!

Hope everyone is alive from PAX and Anime Boston.

Spencer Connell here. I know that the newsletter is late this week. The people I get information from were at PAX and Anime Boston, so they were out of communication.

So to make it brief, here is what’s happening this week.

Let there be pranks! Roll D100 for prank. Get coin that hates Dwarfs!

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here. So we are now down to the last month and a half of classes! And we have alot happening.