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Rock Band 2 update

Posted: March 20, 2009 by chaplind in VG
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Due to the mass amount of popularity for Rock Band 2,  please expect a certain amount of rule changes as the event gets closer.  Things set in stone at the moment include; needing to have all 4 positions taken up, Most points in after one or two songs will determine the winner, and Disqualification for any team that fails to allow the Staff member to record thier score.

As for everything else, we are working our best to figure out the best way to accomidate more than 16 teams at the event.

Free play will be available at the event as well.

-President Chaplin

Rock Band 2

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Registration at 6:30pm, Starts at 7:00pm

Battle of the Rock Bands

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Rock Band 2 Tournament Rules

When: March 27,2009

Where: Campus Center

Time:  7:00 start, 6:30 registration
Format-Single Elimination, best of 3 songs

  • Team A will pick a song available on both systems
  • Team B will pick a song available on both systems
  • Gaming Society will pick a 3rd song, as the tie breaker

How to win!

Each rounds score, band notes completed percentage, and Overall performance* will be recorded.

*Note on Overall Performance- is ranked on how the band plays the song and quality of the song. This is a subjective ranking, that will be scored from 1-10.

You win a round by having a higher score than the opposing team, win two rounds and the battle is yours.


-Teams need to have a Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals

– An Xbox 360 and PS3 system with Rock band 1 equipment will be provided.

-Players interested with playing with their own equipment need to are asked to show up on Thursday night practice night. (Errata- Apparently, Rock Band 2 allows for automatic configuration, and lag fixing. So you do not need to come on Thursday’s practice night if you want to bring your own equipment. However, please send us an email so we know in advance. )

– Automatic disqualification for any team that doesn’t allow the official to record scores for the song or set.

****All rules are subject to change prior to the event, due to the complexity of the event.

This event is sponsored by Gaming Society, SAIL Weekend Events, Concert Tech, and DPO


Email or

Or just post here or on the Facebook group

Street Fighter 4 Tournament- Top 5

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{whoops, I was supposed to get this up here earlier, but didn’t. Anyway here are you top 5 from Gaming Society’s Double Elimination SF4 Tournament}

First Place- Craig C.

2nd- Eric L.

3rd- Rob A

4th- Dan D.

5th- Jack R & Steve T