GS Newsletter Volume # 11 Issue # 24 4-22-12

Posted: April 23, 2012 by connman234 in Announcements, MTG, News, Uncategorized, VG

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here.

First off, thank you everyone who attended our 3 events last week. We are happy that people enjoyed themselves and came to the events.

Second, the elections for Gaming Society are officially done and complete. Here are the results.

President:        Arck Perra
Vice Pres:       Cole Leddy
Treasurer:       Kayla Nutt
Secretary:       Eric Holmquist
Media person: Jenny Lee
Anime Head:  Anthony Eastmond
Magic Head:   Eric Knapp

They will be running the show next school year. That means that this is my last semester as secretary. You will still see me around, just no more newsletters with bad jokes from me.

Finally, here is what’s happening this week.

TUESDAY: 4-24-12
ANIME NIGHT: SENG 226 6:30-9:00PM

Yes, this week we are not in our usual room. Just next to it. But we are still doing the usual routine.

WEDNESDAY: 4-25-12
CARD NIGHT: CVPA 255 6:00-9:30PM

You don’t need the most expensive cards to win. This week will be standard pauper format. For those who don’t know, the decks can only have commons.

THURSDAY: 4-26-12

This week, we will be having Street Fighter X Tekken.

That is all for this week. Enjoy your gaming.


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