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Welcome to UMassD

Posted: August 30, 2009 by chaplind in Announcements
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Good evening/morning gamers,

Today marks the start of the school year for Gaming Society with a new board, new goals, and same high levels of service that you the UMass Dartmouth gamer have come to expect from us, Gaming Society. In the coming few days we will have the information you want to have to better immerse yourself in gaming here at UMassD. This includes:

– Video on how to get your Xbox 360 to work with the school network

– Semi-event schedule for the semester (MTG nights, weekly meetings, big tournaments, Humans vs. Zombies announcements, etc.)

Its busy time for all, so go out and enjoy gaming with your new freshmen friends.

—A message from the Admin, Fatalhawk aka Chaplin—-

Ps. to our local pros living here at UMassD, please try to resist to urge to pwn the newbs.