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Happy Holidays Gamers

Posted: December 25, 2009 by chaplind in Uncategorized

To all of the cheerful gamers out there, congrats on making another year of gamer goodness.

Coming in the near future, your humble web admin will be putting together a weekly gaming night, held online, so yes its for our wonderful PC and Xbox 360 gamers.

Look for announcements about that after new years.

Till then, post what games you would like to play with other members here or on our new Facebook fan page.

The fight continues…

Posted: December 4, 2009 by chaplind in Uncategorized

Tonight the epic struggle of the best Halo player continues starting promptly at 6:30. Do not be late for this one.

Full rules will be available here b4 the event. However, here’s some of the basics.

1. Each match will consist of 2 players per screen against 2 other players on a similar screen.

2. All weapons will be allowed

3. Map will most likely be limited to smaller 4 player maps.

More information coming soon.