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Power Up 2012 – The fifth one – LoL Tournament

Posted: October 15, 2012 by chaplind in Uncategorized

Hello Gamers, 

November 16th, starting at 7pm Cedar Dell South will become another battlegrounds for the 5th annual charity event Power Up. 

In short: 

5v5 – Normal

All players must be present to play in the event. 

Location: Cedar Dell South Center

Time: 5:30pm Registration/prep – 7:00pm Start sharp

 Prizes TBA 

Cost TBA 

Till then: 

enjoy this


Vent is back up…

Posted: October 13, 2012 by chaplind in Uncategorized

We know… it took forever, but now our vent server is back up and operation.

System Admin

Vent is down.

Posted: June 2, 2012 by chaplind in Uncategorized

[Fatalhawk97] Logging In….

Its sad but its true, our dedicated vent server is down for the time being. Estimated time till its back up and functioning is unknown at this time. Please email your  with any an all complaints.

[Fatalhawk97] Logging Out

-Your sys. admin

“On the wings of death
By the hands of doom
By the darkest light
From the darkest moon.”
Valley of the Damned, by Dragonforce.

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here. I know that the newsletter is late. I couldn’t get required info on what we are doing this week on time. So to make this short and brief, I will go right into what’s happening this week.

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here.

First off, thank you everyone who attended our 3 events last week. We are happy that people enjoyed themselves and came to the events.

Second, the elections for Gaming Society are officially done and complete. Here are the results.

Reminder of LoL tournament

Posted: April 20, 2012 by connman234 in Announcements, Event, LAN, News, Uncategorized, VG

Hello Summoners. Spencer Connell here.

Just to remind you, tomorrow we have a League of Legends tournament.
Below are the details.