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Why the top brass banned MK!

Posted: September 23, 2009 by gamingsociety in Uncategorized
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Reasons Behind Banning Meta Knight

written by Gaming Society President, Jon Martin

If you don’t want to read my detailed explanation there is a summary at the bottom. I could go on for pages and pages about why I’ve decided to ban Meta Knight from our tournament, but I’ll try and make it as brief as I can.

Reason 1

Meta Knight IS THE BEST CHARACTER in Brawl, in all 3 different categories, by a drastic margin, thereby making him “broken”.First we must define the word “broken” for our purposes.
Broken – “A word used to describe an element in a video game that does not belong, and is above aspects or mechanics of the game”. Every character needs to have a weakness in order to be balanced right?

Well what if a character doesn’t have a weakness…?

-He has a perfect recovery, five jumps combined with TWO glides and the ability to use ANY of his Special moves as a recovery makes his recovery unbeatable in the hands of anyone who would enter our tournament.

-Meta Knight has too many safe options when faced with an opponent.  His spot dodge and air dodges are great.  He has a myriad of out of shield options.  Furthermore, Meta Knight has the ability (in multiple different ways) to cross the entire stage while being un-hittable, thereby nullifying any temporary disadvantage the opponent has caused.

-Meta Knight has a combination of the fastest, strongest, and most prioritized moves in the game.  Separately these moves are not cause for discussion.  However, when all these moves are combined into one character that character can be considered a detriment to the game as a whole.  Tornado(neutral special) is capable of doing 26% damage on its own.  His up aerial comes out 3 times per second.  His down smash and Up special are great, un-punishable killing moves.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Furthermore, Meta Knight has won the most tournaments nationwide by a large margin.  This is the percentage that these characters placed in the top 3 out of all the tournaments in the country.

Metaknight- 22%
Snake-13% (9% less than MK)
Dedede- 7% (15% less than MK)

Reason 2 – The Smash community as a whole is in favor of banning Meta Knight

The Smash World Forums (the largest online community of competitive Smash Bros players) have conducted 4 separate polls asking if Meta Knight should be banned.  ALL FOUR of them resulted in a Yes majority.

Reason 3 – The only counter to Meta Knight is Meta Knight

If you are playing in a tournament against someone of equal skill and they pick Meta Knight.  You will be at a disadvantage if you don’t pick Meta Knight.  This has been proved in Reason 1.  This causes tournaments to have an influx of Meta Knights which gets boring to watch and play seeing the same character over and over.
Also, since Meta Knight is so popular, tournaments devolve into simply “who can beat Meta Knight” or “who can play the best meta knight”.  When an entire game revolves around one character the gameplay becomes stale and lifeless.  By removing that character new options open up and will cause an increase in character diversity all across the tournament board, and especially in the final rounds.

Reason 1 – Meta Knight is THE best character by such a wide margin that he is considered broken by the majority of the community.
Reason 2 – The Smash community has voted 4 separate times in favor of banning Meta Knight, all results pages linked above.
Reason 3 – The only counter to Meta Knight is Meta Knight.  By banning Meta Knight the tournament will see a drastically more diverse group of characters, especially in the final rounds.