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By Daniel Chaplin

Its back gamers, and now going for the record for longest gamer event at UMass Dartmouth. What is it that I am talking about, well its Power Up 24 of course. Gaming Society end of the year VG marathon charity event Power Up, being held back in Cedar Dell South Center! This year, gamers who have the lasting power for all night, all day gaming, ¬†and every other length in between will be treated to a wonderful variety of events, games, and many other things that if I put it all in this article it be enough to start up another website. Wait! That sounds like a good idea, I’ll just make a new website.

…. wait for it….

Ah yes, here we go

And like it was planned for months, a website that contains all the events, rules for donations, fancy advertisements, and all the hardcore achievements one could ask for! The site is still a work in progress, but by the end of the week, everything you want to know will be there!

Got any ideas for our event? Email us at

More information about the event is posted on the website.