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Event #3- Grif Ball

Posted: February 7, 2010 by chaplind in Power Up
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Already announced, but here is the offical rules for Power Up 2010’s Gift Ball event.

Type: Tournament

SingleĀ  Elimination

4-Players, Xbox 360

Game rules-

  • Grifball is a simple game. Two teams of four players square off in an arena in which each team has a goal. The object is to take the ball from the middle of the court and put it in the other team’s goal.
  • Scoring a goal earns one point and ends the round. There is no time limit for each round.
  • Each match consists of at least nine rounds. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.
  • Each player is equipped with only a gravity hammer and an energy sword. There are no grenades. All weapons have unlimited ammo.
  • The base Halo 3 gametype is Assault (neutral bomb). Damage is set to 200% with player health set to 10%. One direct hit will kill a normal player.
  • Dead players respawn in three seconds at their own goal.
  • The ball carrier has a 2x Overshield, 150% speed, 150% damage resist, and turns orange for some reason. Any player may become the ball carrier by picking up the ball.
  • Friendly players can hurt each other.
  • Spawn camping is a legal and legitimate strategy.
  • No teammate swaps in game, out of the match a team captain may swap teammates due to players leaving the event or sickness.