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Powerup Official Schedule

Posted: February 22, 2010 by gamingsociety in Power Up

We at the Powerup Programming Board have finalized the official tournament and event schedule for Powerup!***  We will be releasing the schedules for the different areas of Powerup throughout the week leading up to the event.  First up is the consoles. (Or the Admin posts all the information, cause he was working on it for the last 3 hours).

Keep in mind most of these events will be running simultaneously with other events.  In order to satisfy the very large crowd we expect to be showing up to this event we had to overlap many of the events in order to fit them all in.  It will be possible for you to enter in to two or more tournaments running at the same time but keep in mind you have 5 minutes to report to your match station once your match is called before you forfeit the round.

Console LAN Area:

12:00pm – Borderlands XBox 360 Team Leveling Competition Begins

2:30pm – Modern Warfare 2 4vs4 and FFA  Begins

8:00pm – Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 vs PC Survival Competition Begins



12:00pm- Borderlands PC Team Leveling Competition Begins

2:00pm- World of Warcraft Leveling Competition II

7:00pm- Heroes of Newerth 5vs5 challenge

8:00pm- Left 4 Dead Survival Challenge


Video Game Tournaments

Event #1 12:30pm – Halo 3 Grif Ball Tournament Begins

Event #2 1:30pm – Mario Kart Wii Grand Prix Begins

Event #3 3:30pm – Dance Dance Revolution Tournament Begins

Event #4 4:00pm – BlazBlue Tournament Begins

Event #5 5:30pm – Soul Calibur IV Tournament Begins (Xbox 360)

Event #6 6:00pm – Street Fighter IV Tournament Begins (Xbox 360)

Event #7 7:00pm – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Plus Singles Tournament Begins

Event #8 9:00pm – Super Smash Bros. Brawl Doubles Tournament Begins


Hi-Score Challenge

12:00 Star Fox 64 Begins

2:00 Pac-Man Challenge Edition Begins

4:00 Rock Band 2 Begins

6:00 Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Challenge Begins


TCG Events

12:30 MTG ZenWake Draft Begins

1:00 Yu-Gi-Oh Event #1 Begins

4:30 Legacy Tournament Begins

7:00 Yu-Gi-Oh Begins

8:00 MTG EDH Vintage Begins


Role Playing Games

12:00 Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition one shot Begins (limited to 6 players)

2:00  Dark Heresy

6:00 Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition one shot Begins

***These Times are subject to change if an event runs longer or shorter than we expected, but we will work as hard as we can to stay true to this schedule.

****- Bonus tournaments may occur due to demand