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Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here.

First off… Thank you everyone who attended the League of Legends tournament on Saturday. Our winners were Team Nerf Irelia. Not only that, but we set a new personal record for largest LAN party held. We had 7 teams equaling 35 players at once. Grats guys.

All I have to say about Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning…BAN-HAMMER!

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here. I hope you are having a good long weekend. I was home watching my brother ban people in Kingdoms of Alamur. It was fun.

I know the newsletter is late this week. Blame Card Night! I could not get them a room until today, but they now have a room!

Where are my Skylanders?!?!?!

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here.

So as the first statement tells. I am looking for Skylander figures in stores. It has been a good couple months since it was released, but I can’t find them anywhere! They are still that popular!

GS Newsletter Volume #11 Issue # 14 2-4-12

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Reaper Arrival: 26 days 54mins

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here, back with another semester of newsletters.

First off, as a personal note. I have to thank many people in Gaming Society. As some of you are aware, one of our own, Amanda Costello, our goddess of power and eventual ruler of the earth, was hospitalized on Wednesday. She is better now and is recovering in the hospital, though her plans for world conquest were slightly delayed. Soon, Amanda will be on her feet and back to her plans. She is very very thankful for the support people showed.

On that note… Let’s get into the schedule.
Next week we are starting up club activities so here is our schedule.

Tuesday: 2-7-12
Anime Club: SENG 227 6:30-9:00pm

We are doing our voting for this semesters shows. Please arrive on-time or before time. If you want to put an anime up for nomination, please bring a legitimate copy. NOTHING PIRATED! As a side-note, Netflix will not be up for this semester. Last semester we had many problems with it, so we will not use it.

Wednesday: 2-8-12
Card Night: Campus Center 6:00-9:30pm

Since this is the first week back we will just have casual night.

Thursday: 2-9-12
General Gaming: LARTS 215 7:00-9:00pm

Same as card night. Just casual play.

Well, that’s all for this week. It is early this week, because tomorrow is the Superbowl.

Again, thank you for your support for Amanda.


Anti-Reaper Training Program starts in 9 days 26 minutes.