GS Newsletter Volume # 11 Issue # 25 5-6-12 (The End)

Posted: May 7, 2012 by connman234 in Announcements, Event, MTG, News, Uncategorized, VG

“On the wings of death
By the hands of doom
By the darkest light
From the darkest moon.”
Valley of the Damned, by Dragonforce.

Hello everyone. Spencer Connell here with the final newsletter for not only this semester, but also for me. After this newsletter, I am done with being an E-Board member for Gaming Society. It was an honor and a privilege working with everyone on the board and working to make Gaming Society a fun club for people to just be themselves and have fun. We will continue this tradition for as long as possible, and make college better for gamers than just locking themselves in their room all day being unsociable. I will still be on campus next school year, so it is not like I am leaving.

With that all being said…

THURSDAY: 5-10-12
ANIME MOVIE NIGHT: SENG 227 6:30 – 10:00PM

We are having one last movie night for the semester. The movie we will be showing is Trigun: Badland Rumble. It is free entry, so come and enjoy yourselves.

Now for what’s happening during the week.

TUESDAY: 5-8-12
ANIME NIGHT: SENG 227 6:30-9:30PM

After talking with Ryan, we have decided to do something crazy. This week, there will be no Speed Grapher. We will have the last two episodes of Katanagatari and finish that. The following Tuesday (yes it will be in the usual room at the usual time), we will have the last two episodes of Speed Grapher.

CARD NIGHT: CVPA 255 6:00 – 9:30PM

We are having our usual tradition of the Pick-A-Pack draft. Each person brings three 15 card packs. They do not have to be standard and the most of the same pack you can have is 2. You will draft with what you and other people bring in.

THURSDAY: 5-10-12

In the great words of our Vice-President we are doing “things”. I assume that there may be a console or two and some board games for people to play.

And that is the end of that. My term is officially over. It has been a real pleasure working with everyone. And I leave you with this…

“On the wings of life
By the hands of hope
By the brightest light
From the brightest sun.”
Valley of the Damned, by Dragonforce


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