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MTG Casual #2 Legacy and Shards draft

Posted: October 27, 2008 by gamingsociety in MTG
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Its the end of another month, which means Gaming Society is gearing up for another Magic the Gathering event. This week may just be a double magic event, as Gaming Society is patiently waiting for its draft box to arrive on the steps of UMASS Dartmouth.

If gaming society does have a draft this week, it will be roughly $9 (or lower) per draft set. As usual, we will also be hosting again its usual free Legacy tournament.

Everything starts early this week, Registration starts at 6:30pm, Magic the Gathering Legacy starts at 7:00. Draft starts at 7:30.

Update: Our Shards of Alara Draft box will be arriving on Oct. 31st. So there will be no draft this Friday. Look for an update for the rescheduled date.

Update 2: Shards of Alara Draft will be held on Nov 6th. The attendence for the draft will determine the cost per draft set. Prize for this weeks Legacy event will be a pair of tickets to 20 Cent Fiction’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Soul Caliber III & IV Tournament

Posted: October 19, 2008 by gamingsociety in VG
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This weeks meeting is our Soul Caliber III and IV tournament. Depending on attendence of the event, will determine if both events are Single or Double Eliminations.

Basic rules for both events

  • Custom Characters will be allowed in both games
  • Banned Characters in SCIII: Abyss, and Random Creation
  • Banned characters in SCiV:Agol
  • Players will be allowed to change characters between rounds, but not between matches.

View flyer here: soul-calibur-3-and-41

Update: Agol banned in SC4, Yoda and Vader allowed

Call of Duty 4 Free Play

Posted: October 15, 2008 by gamingsociety in Uncategorized

This week we will explore the battlefield that is Call of Duty 4. Its a fast paced multi-player game that should be a much better time than Halo 3.

If you don’t know how to play? Then make sure you come to watch a brief demostration of how the game works, and how you properly headshot our President Chaplin with a shotgun.

Hope to see you there

A message from President Daniel Chaplin

Columbus Day-LAN

Posted: October 10, 2008 by gamingsociety in LAN, News
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By Pres. Chaplin

  • Are you planning on NOT going home this weekend?
  • Do you play PC games?
  • Would you like something to do besides play WoW/Warhammer/Hello Kitty Adventure alone in your room?

If you answered yes to these questions, then here is your  gaming opportunity for this weekend. On Saturday, in the afternoon starting around 2pm, I am hosting a mini LAN party at my apartment, Cedar Dell South 540.

Games played: Soul Caliber 4, Warcraft 3:FT DOTA (MAIN focus), Brawl, UT 2k4/3, and possible others.

When: Saturday; October 11, 2008

Time: 2pm till when it ends.

October Event Schedule

Posted: October 9, 2008 by gamingsociety in News


9- DS party & WII Party: Mario Party “Party”

16- Call of Duty 4; 8-player Free for all

23- Soul Caliber 3 and 4 Tournament

30- Magic the Gathering “Casual” and YuGiOh Tournament with Prizes for Rocky Horror

Everything listed here is confirmed, and will be happening. Look for an upcoming announcement regarding Gears of War 2 soon.

This week (10-10-08) DS Week!

Posted: October 9, 2008 by gamingsociety in News

That’s right boys and girls, this week is DS week!

Also, “unfortunately” our trusty president Dan Chaplin will be absent due to a series of events.

No fear though, the ever so charming Dan Riall will still be gracing us with his wonderful presence.