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Gaming Society Ventrillo Server

Posted: November 19, 2008 by gamingsociety in News

UMASS Dartmouth has its own Vent Server

Send us an email for IP/Port/Password info

Download Ventrilo from here

Please send an email to with your Real Name, Ventrillo Handel, and from your UMASS email before or quickly after logging onto the server. Should our server be abused, or hit maxed capacity, our admins will kick off players who have not given us their information.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t give out this information and use ventrillo with your friends. Just remember that this server is for UMASS Dartmouth students, and non-UMASS Dartmouth students will have preference during times of heavy demand. It’s a 50 person server, so hitting max most likely won’t happen but please understand that Non-Umass D students will be asked to log off.

Till then, if you play DOTA, L4D, World of Warcraft, CSS, etc. Feel free to use our Ventrillo’s server to your hearts content. If you feel the need for an additional channel, please email our admin, Fatalhawk, at