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MTG Casual #2 Legacy and Shards draft

Posted: October 27, 2008 by gamingsociety in MTG
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Its the end of another month, which means Gaming Society is gearing up for another Magic the Gathering event. This week may just be a double magic event, as Gaming Society is patiently waiting for its draft box to arrive on the steps of UMASS Dartmouth.

If gaming society does have a draft this week, it will be roughly $9 (or lower) per draft set. As usual, we will also be hosting again its usual free Legacy tournament.

Everything starts early this week, Registration starts at 6:30pm, Magic the Gathering Legacy starts at 7:00. Draft starts at 7:30.

Update: Our Shards of Alara Draft box will be arriving on Oct. 31st. So there will be no draft this Friday. Look for an update for the rescheduled date.

Update 2: Shards of Alara Draft will be held on Nov 6th. The attendence for the draft will determine the cost per draft set. Prize for this weeks Legacy event will be a pair of tickets to 20 Cent Fiction’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.