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Street Fighter 4- Updates

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Hey just a quick update that may answer some questions for you.

-Characters allowed- Everyone Unlocked character except Seth ( there is a huge effort to fully unlock the game in time for the event, however, there is no guarentee since the game just released)

-BYOC- You are fully allowed to bring your own controller or joystick for the event.

-Singles or Double elimination will be determined at the time of the event, and depend on the number of players.

Street Fighter 4 2nd ad (its Fake btw)

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A New Challenger has arrived

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Gaming Society Presents its own launch party for CAPCOM latest addition to its Street Fighter series. As with our other fighter tournaments (minus Brawl), Gaming Society will have its own variation of an Arcade, featuring Dead or Alive 4, Soul Caliber 4,  Street Fighter II HD, and maybe more.

The tournament registration starts promptly at 7:00, with the first round parring starting at 7:30.

Calling all Board games

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This week Gaming Society solutes you, the proud board gamer! This week we ask you to come, come with your Flux cards, Munchin decks, your chess strategies, your custom risk peices, and your ability to play. This week, we’re gonna play old school style.

PS. Don’t worry VG fans, we got you covered too

GIM Flyer

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