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GS Newsletter – Volume: 9 – Issue # 07

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Face here, heheheh…no, but Joe’s here. Sorry for the late Newsletter, there was a weekend long Anime Convention that I attended, along with most of the E-board… I think even most of Gaming Society went too. I believe it was called Anime Boston (AB), if my memory serves me correctly.

This week..
-Sunday’s WoD was canceled due to Eater//AB, but this week should be up again.

-Today, Anime Club will be showing it’s regular series and will be deciding the date of a movie night. There will be more info on this later e-mails.

-Tomorrow, Cards flying everywhere in Wednesday Night Magic!

-Thursday, General Gaming Meeting will be themed…. uhh I don’t know, we don’t want to recycle themes or make a random theme, so we’ll use an “All Theme” week. At this meeting YOU WILL BRING….EVERYTHING you want to play. If you want to play on a system that’s not Wii or Xbox 360, you may want to bring it (up to you) but if you’re lazy and just want to bring games, go on ahead and bring whatever game you want to play with everyone. We will also bring our games in case no one brings any…. Will be in the Campus Center unless told otherwise.

-D&D, doing it’s thing

I shall mention Halo, Grifball tournament on the 23rd and Smash Bros Brawl 2v2 tournament on the 30th but they’re not finalized yet. It’s just a heads up, yo.

– Research and Development:
Monday 7-9:30pm LARTS 105

-Anime meetings: (Cosplay?)
Tuesdays at 7:00pm in Science and Engineering 227

– Trading Card Game Night: (Magic)
Wednesday at 6:30 in 006 campus center (CC)

-General gaming meetings: (Elections)
Thursdays at 7:00pm in the commuter cafe (at the CC) !

– Dungeons and Dragons (RPG)
Saturday at 3pm in 006 Campus Center (CC)

-World of Darkness Pen and Paper RPG meetings:
Sunday at 2pm in Campus center (CC)conference room (right next to SAIL office on the second floor)

-Joe Marcelynas
Gaming Society Secretary

PS: For those of you that went to AB that didn’t cosplay, shame on you..

Gaming Society- UMASS Dartmouth, home of Gamers

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