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A sign of things to come- PC and Xbox 360 league

Posted: March 16, 2010 by chaplind in Event
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A sign of things to come- PC and Xbox 360 league

By Daniel A Chaplin

With Gaming Society’s Power Up wrapping up nicely, it’s time for something that this campus deserves. I’m talking about a league for PC and Xbox 360 players. Starting the week after spring break, Gaming Society- Beta testing League will be performing a Beta competition for Halo 3: 4 vs 4 and Heroes of Newerth.

Now you may be asking, why are we playing Halo and HON? The answer is because they are at this time the most popular team based games available at our school, and they are relatively newer and growing games. Also this is a beta test for how Gaming Society can run Video Game leagues on campus. If this works out, then we will be expanding to other games and doing our best to increase the level of the gamer community at this school.

How our online-local league works?

  • Each week teams will be parried up with another team.
  • Team captains will need to contact one another to set up a match time that works for both teams.
  • Should they not be able to agree, the default match time will be Sunday at 5:00pm
  • Teams will have one week to play out their match.
    • If possible a round robin tournament structure will be used. Also rounds may be adjusted depending on the speed of round completion. What that means is if all teams complete their matches in 2 days, on the third day new parings will be posted.

The league will run from April 4 to May 2.

How to sign up?

  1. First you need to register on our forum at .  All users need to be registered in order to play.
  2. Then under PC and Xbox league, make a post with your team name, your Xbox GamerTag/HON username, and AIM name. Examples are listed and given
  3. And your done!

If you have any opinion on this, voice it out on Gaming Society’s forum, .