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Posted: November 28, 2009 by gamingsociety in Uncategorized

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament
December 5th
1pm to 5pm
Campus Center room 006
Advanced format, following the current banned and limited list.
Come and have fun!!

Updates! Ventrilo, Halo, and Power Up 2010

Posted: November 27, 2009 by chaplind in Uncategorized

Hey everyone, quite the many updates coming around.

FIRST, our Ventrilo server. Gaming Society rents a 50 slot server, that you the gamers don’t use all that much. So if your a PC gamer, and want to bring your friends on to our server, feel free to do so. As the web admin, I would like to see our numbers go up for our server, and see usage go up. So until we hit cap, feel free to invite your friends and play like the gamers you are. (BTW new layout and a rooms just finished and put up.)

Second, as mentioned before Gaming Society will be hosting its first Halo 3 event of the year, and its second 2v2 halo event ever. All maps should be available, at least all the free ones. Definitely going to be the last big bang before we all leave for those hellish finals.

Third, its the next week, a full update about Gaming Society charity marathon event is coming up. For next week, information about this years pledge system, some of the events planned, dates, prices, and rest of the need to know information.

Till then,

[Fatalhawk] Logging out


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Halo 3
2 Man Team Tournament
Friday, December 4th
Campus Center
Registration starts at 6:30

See you there!!

Magic the Gathering Tournament

Posted: November 1, 2009 by gamingsociety in Uncategorized

Magic the Gathering
Two Headed Giant Draft Tournament
Saturday, November 14th
006 Campus Center
3:00 pm
$9.00 per person
32 person cap (16 teams)
Teams of two must pre-register for the event at
Send your teams name as well as individual names.

See you there!!