Magic the Gathering Meetings:

Wednesday nights starting September 16th at 6:30 pm in 007,  Campus Center


A word from Joe Bouchard:

This fall, I am happy to bring Wednesday Night Magic to UMass Dartmouth.  The goal of this is to have a weekly scheduled night for people to get together to play Magic, keeping a very friendly and social atmosphere.  There are some guidelines that will be applied, as well as some plans for drafting tournaments and whatnot.  Thus far, here are the basic guidelines:

  • Casual Setting – The goal of this night is to have a set time for people to get together, socialize, and play some Magic.  While there are a wide variety of different players (ranging from casual to DCI-ranked), we want to have an open atmosphere where anyone can come and play their decks.
  • Open Format – Unless is a draft night, there is no specific format to how you play other people.  You show up, and play games as you will.  We may occasionally set down some themes for nights (i.e. maybe some nights will be Two-Headed Giant only, or some nights will be 3-player free-for-all only), but you should just be able to show up with your decks and play.
  • Player limit – To make sure that everyone gets to play a few games each night, all games are restricted to no more than 6 players per game.  Teams do not count as players.
  • Statistics – There will be a statistic-keeping system in play, purely meant as an entertainment aspect.  Some people like to be more competitive and like to follow things like this.  If you are not comfortable with this, simply let us know and we will not include you in the statistics with no hard feelings.
  • Drafts – There are several draft ideas in mind.  Here are some of the guidelines we will set, and the rules regarding them
    • Drafts will follow the DCI rules for time limits per round, rankings, and what not.  This is how we will keep track of places
    • All commons and uncommons will be “keep what you draft”.
    • All rares and foils will be “auctioned off” at the end of the tournament.  Once the tournament is completed, all rares and foils will be pulled from the draft decks and laid out on a table.  In order from first place to last, each player will choose one foil to keep.  This ensures that each player will still get 3 quality rare/foil cards at the end of the night.
    • Our goal is to have at least two different draft nights.  Draft nights may require people to bring their own booster packs (unopened, of course) to the game.  The current draft ideas are as follows:
      • Magic 2010
      • Zendikar (upon release)
      • Pick-a-Pack
  1. Greetings from the Swansea Public Library. I am looking for a few gamers to come and do a gaming workshop at the library for National Game Day on Saturday November 12. I would like to offer a tutorial on Magic the Gathering and maybe World of Warcraft. Please contact me if we can make this happen.

    Thank you

    Carol Gafford
    Youth Services Librarian
    Swansea Public Library

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