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HKA virus is now dead, but it left a video

Posted: April 2, 2011 by chaplind in Uncategorized
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When I find the hacker that uploaded the HKA virus to our server, I swear I’m going to thank him or her for the following video.


Welcome to the HKA

Posted: April 1, 2011 by chaplind in Uncategorized
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Welcome to HKA, the Hello Kitty Association for we believe that cute, kitten-like creatures, are destined to be god who control everything that is cute and fluffy. We encourage all believers of HKA to take the oath of the HKA, to swear our loyalty to the animated god and listen to her story of triumph. We will fight, or rather claw our way into anyone challenges our values and thoughts about the way of the HKA. We are blessed with our nine lives, that we will dedicate towards a life of lounging and worshiping. We praise her, cherish her, love her, for the kitten is our pride and joy.

If your are confused about weather or not you should join our love for Hello Kitty. Just click on this picture of lord and savior.