Anime Fan – Art/story Contest

An example of Awesome Fan art

Official Rules for Anime Club’s Art and Fanfiction contest

Only Gaming Society/Anime Club members need apply

PRIZE: Choice of Plushy (Kakashi, Edward Elric, Winry, Urahara, Vash the Stampede) OR a three piece mini figure set from Death Note Series

Category (must be followed to be included)

CONFRONTATION (a fight, clash or challenge)


Fan Fiction Deadline — Friday March 4th
Fan Art Deadline ———Friday March 4th

In my HAND or in my EMAIL by this date
Ryan Carreiro


Fan Art Section

Must be completed between February 15th – March 7th
Cannot be a previously completed art
No Censorship Applied
Assume honor code please

Must include at least 2 different characters
All this means is no copy pasting same drawing twice
Same character may be represented differently dressed or styled

Can be any form of “drawn” art.
NO tracing. Must be own art work not official art you copied
Can be digital art, pen/penciled, paint, ink anything essentially

Does not need to be printed out.
Scanned copies can be given to me
Digital copies can be sent to me

Cannot be a sculpture
Cannot be poetry
Cannot be noodle art
Cannot be anything that can make a mess

Big Rules
DONOT include original characters EVER
Please include the name of the characters represented and where they are from on the side
On same part give your Name and Email.
If art is given to me on original sheet PLEASE have a pre-scanned copy sent to me

Fan Fiction Rules

Follow all above rules

1000 Word limit
250 Word Min
Microsoft WORD please
Take note of spelling and grammar
There is no censorship
Try to keep profanity to a minimum but do not exclude if needed
Try to keep characters in character
Use your own discretion

Deadline for Fan Fiction – March 4th (I have to read these things)

Remember this is a CONTEST. Skill AND Idea/concept will be included in judging process.

This is a COMBINED contest unless there is enough entries for both.
If there are enough entries for Art and Fiction both will have a separate prize
If there are not enough entries there will be a single prize

I WILL NOT be responsible for any damage done to the piece of art in question. Fan Art will be shown to the club on MARCH 8th. Fan Fiction will NOT be shown.

I will READ the winning Fan Fiction Aloud on MARCH 8th at club meeting. Unless the winner does not want it to be read aloud.

Further Questions will be answered at club meeting.

  1. Ryan Carreiro says:

    Ok guys if possible send anything to THIS email ( this is a better place to send it as my school email is clammed up right now

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